We’ve decided to leave behind the cupcakes, poems and dreams this week and get serious. Our question: What do think of the latest Zuma saga involving his love child and what is the appropriate course of action?


Okay, so he said he is sorry. Again. If he meant it, it would’ve been a different story, but I think he is just sorry that he got caught. The thing about remorse is that it has to be sincere and you actually need to change your ways.

 I’m all for a clean slate and that’s what he was given but where do we draw the line? Fathering a child out of marriage is not the issue here. He is a role model to millions of South Africans. Like children, they don’t hear him say “do as I say, don’t do as I do“,  no, they look at this actions and in reply shout their approval. His actions send the following message: It’s ok to be dishonest and it’s acceptable to have unprotected sex in a country where HIV/AIDS is a real issue:

“Zuma arrived three-and-a-half hours late for his first public appearance since issuing an apology to the nation for fathering a child out of wedlock. Thunderous applause, cheers and repeated loud hails of his name greeted him and his entourage…” – The Mercury.

To them, he is a hero.

It’s not fun for us to constantly see our President being ridiculed – every newspaper has unflattering cartoons of his latest scandal. South Africans deserve a President they can look up to. For change to be seen outwardly, it has to start within.

I would personally prefer him stepping down. My reason: As the representative for South Africa, he is constantly in the public eye (locally and internationally) and it puts SA in a bad light if his comings and goings are constantly surrounded by negative publicity. And I think our youth is in desperate need for an authentic role model and leader.


I think that President Zuma needs to choose between his traditional Zulu beliefs and his social and political persona, when you are president you cannot have two conflicting ideals and expect people to be happy about it. South Africans are looking for him to set an example and so far with regards to his sexual orientation he has been quite a dismal leader and role model. The hypocrisy of it all is unbelievable. You cannot punt AIDS awareness, safe sex and monogamy, when you are married to 3 women and still can’t get enough that you have to have an affair, this just doesn’t make sense to me, I mean how much more sex do you want Mr President?

 He needs to buck-up, keep his ‘Minnie me’ in his pants and set an example for the South African people. I don’t think he should step down, so far (sex scandal aside) his administration has been focussed and he has made some positive changes in this country. Im worried that if he steps down, who will take his place and how much damage will be done. I don’t know who’s next in line, but I’m imagining the likes of another ‘Mbeki’ or worse another ‘Malema’ and my blood runs cold. If Zuma steps down, South Africa’s political future will be like a game of Russian roulette.


I’ve kind of gone off Zuma to be honest. How many times can we forgive him?

He has unprotected sex with someone other than his three wives (like that’s not enough choice) and then promotes safe sex to prevent HIV/AIDS? Atta boy, good one! And if you do have unprotected sex then hay, no worries, just pop into the shower and lather up with a bar of Lux and you’re sorted!

But let’s say just say, hypothetically, that he really loved this woman and had all intentions of making her his wife in the future. Fine, I can accept that but why not just disclose it to his party to avoid any more pie getting encrusted on their innocent little faces?

Perhaps I should be more objective, maybe he just lost count of the number of children he has? 18, 19, 20? ‘Tis possible.

We’d love to hear from you – let us know what your take on this is.

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