Aaah! Underberg! It’s one of those places that are just so cute you wish it had cheeks to squeeze.

1 ..Like this, but wait…it gets even cuter…


Aaaaaaaaaagggha. Told you.

This weekend, we heard there was good water in Underberg and so made the short journey there to go rafting with our friends Doug and Lexi.


You would never guess by looking at this picture but they are super chilled out people…

4I must share this story with you: We get to the rapid “Black Murray” and my husband suggests that I should take pictures through the rapid whilst he paddles and steers the raft. Cool, I thought! So off we went..

5Woo Hoo..Clearly here I just had to hold on.


..and then I felt steady enough to whip out the camera and take some pics….but…then..

7….the raft started going a bit skew so I turned around to have some words with the captain only to find that he’d fallen off the raft. You can’t really see it here but my mouth is agasp – partly from surprise and partly from laughing hysterically.

My man is laughing too. But not as much.


I would have rescued him sooner but the next rapid was too close and alas there was no time – I had to paddle down the next rapid on my own…


…Whilst he swam. Hee hee. (you can just see his paddle sticking up)10.

Lexi and Doug thought is was hysterical too and subsequently maxed out the flash card for the camera :)

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