HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) aka Jabba is refreshingly South African and brings a unique local flavour with his music that he performs in multiple languages; primarily Setswana. He was a firm favourite with the viewers on Strictly Come Dancing and also starred in the musical soap Rhythm City.

HHP went to the US over January and stayed at a non-profit organization for two weeks, where his mission was (and still is) to unite the hip-hop communities in SA and the US as to advance cross-cultural consciousness about real issues like HIV/Aids, diabetes, arts and education. During his stay he spoke at schools, juvenile detention facilities and universities.

“We invited Hip Hop Pantsula because of his tremendous accomplishments as a recording artist and his selfless commitment to serving his community,” said John R. Chambers, founder of BloomBars, a Washington-based non-profit organization that works to inspire and unite communities through the arts while nurturing artists committed to serving the community.

Not only is Jabba gifted, but he uses his gift to make a difference. A man with a mission. Respect! Here is a taste of what he can do - I just cannot keep my feet silent on this one:

 *shoves the office chair away to make room for a bit of Pantsula”
Uhmm.. yeah..Mr Loverman, Jabba..uh-uh..music an’ lights…yeah

By Elzet

Reference: SA Good News

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