We finished the Dusi in one piece and we’re proud to say that the goodship HMS Phuthu survived too. Dusi was a novelty again after having had a break for 3 years. Our 4 training sessions definitely paid off and we seemed to peak at just the right time! ;)


The start was pretty civilized.


Mission rapid – scraped through. I’m laughing here at Gina (our machine seconder!) who is shouting “GO HUNNNNNNNi” at the top of her lungs whilst perched on a rock in the river.

elephantsThe guy holding the paddle asked us why we had Indian Elephants on our boat. How on earth did he know they were Indian Elephants? I was distraught – there I was all along thinking these were born and bred African ellies. But then I found out that this dude was a game ranger and figured he’s probably the only one who can see the difference on a little profile picture anyway. That’s what I’m telling myself at least.


All you need to know about this picture is that the middle guy is single. This pic makes him look a bit gay but that would be misleading..


Up close. Single ladies I repeat single.

Gauging Weir….


Sjoe – made it! The guys on the far right of the pic didn’t though…sorry for you! :)


Day 2 on the dam was long and we had to portage over the dam wall because of a hyacinth block.


But lucky we had snacks to keep us going…

4-minutes…and this boat’s wave to sit on :)

Dillan and Lyndal – Did someone say we whipped you by 4 minutes? hee hee!


End of day 2 – the sleeeeepy look.


Start of day 3 – Negotiated Tops Needle without serious lung seizure. Falling out here is not fun and the water is cold. Been there, got the t-shirt. Actually all I got was a lot of water down my throat and bruises on my butt.


The finish at Blue Lagoon tra-la-la-la-la!


The plan for next year? K3! Now that looks like fun!


Until next time..

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