Question: Why will 2010 be a better year for you?


  • 2010 is undoubtedly going to be a busy year and I think it may just top 2009 which was a bumper year in terms of activity. This year brings the Comrades; a daunting challenge which invigorates me and petrifies me at the same time. Is that possible? But before that, we need to contend with the Dusi and the Argus.
  • Perhaps our aspirations are a little bigger than our collective mitochondria [okay, here I was like, where the hell did she pull this word from? Wiki-answers came to the rescue. Moving on… where were we?] … perhaps our aspirations are a little bigger than our collective mitochondria can handle but we plan to put them to the test nonetheless.
  • Other than the tick-box type events, I plan to Zumba my butt off, read the ever increasing pile of books stashed next to my bed and cook until I can cook no more. And then bake. And then learn to juggle the imod balls. And then maybe the poi.
  • I’m excited for the Soccer World Cup and think it’s going to be a special year for South Africans and a better year for our economy. And I’m excited for everyone else’s 2010 line up too! Engagements, weddings, pregnancies, start-ups and sporting goals…there’s just so much excitement abound :)


  • I’m planning on slowing down the hands of time as a way to rebel against the BFRR ( Big Fat Rat Race) and to live an uncomplicated, uncluttered life. I refuse to become part of the way this ambitious world of ours always hungers for better, bigger and more. What’s up with that anyway? The plan is to live a simple, stress-free life and spend my time selectively.
  • It’s going to be a healthy year. Baby steps. More exercise and plenty of stretching (when I’m 60 I want to be so supple that I’ll be able to do the splits comfortably and use this technique to open all bottom drawers), less stress and worrying, less junk, more veggies (:0) and much more laughing!
  • A lot of my friends are pregnant (or are planning to fall pregnant) and I’m not, which is enough to make me feel very blessed (and relieved). Our two young children are getting to a stage where I can move around more freely and I’m thinking of doing a course or two, you know; stir up the old dreams a bit.
  • The recession has eased up its nasty grip so people might smile a bit more. That would be nice.


  • 2009 Was a year of mixed emotions and experiences. I would like to say that overall it was a good year, but globally it was definitely a tough one, I think everyone felt the pressure of the recession whether they were directly affected by it or not. But and there is always a but, I started a new life last year in a new province, new job, new man, new friends and I loved every minute of it.
  • Why would 2010 be a better year than 2009? I’m getting married to the best man in the world, everybody is slowly recovering from the recession, we are going to successfully host a major world sporting event in the form of the FIFA World Cup. Oh and according to Nostradamus, the Incas and most doomsday astrologists we have 2 years to live and 2 is my favourite number. So in December 2012 if you looking for something to do, we will be having a major party. So in conclusion 2010 is a year for planning, organising and appreciating what we have and just being happy. Why? Cause we can!

Wonder what Katrine’s plans are…?

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