Yesterday we spent just over 5 hours mountain biking in the pristine Karkloof Valley – an hour’s drive from home.  Surrounded by animals, blue skies and endless greenery, I felt strong urges to start busting out “Old McDonald had a Farm….”.

But I didn’t. I should have. Next time.

The scenes that greeted us might have made a forgetful person lament: “aaah we should’ve brought the camera”. But not us, no – thanks to my well-prepared, Phuthu-Punter of a husband, we had a spiffy Canon with a 72mm lens on board…Hee! Disclaimer: So we do have pictures but I must warn that they serve only a slither of the real beauty that was rendered before us.

At one point in the ride, whilst snacking ferociously on Jelly Babies, I found myself taking in a panoramic view and wondering if anyone could ever get tired of marvelling at such postcard scenery. Surely not…


I think I was eating Jelly babies at this point…

Jeremy’s favourite photo – us girls clambering over slippery rocks in slippery shoes. We had to cross this river twice as all the bridges had been swept away. Don’t you just love my surfing pose?

Jeremy, our personal tour guide, kindly informed us that a man was washed over these falls…that was the only sad part of the ride, thank goodness.
See the blue skies and green grass!

More green grass and blue skies! Mmmm!

Och..hello sexayhhh..nice shirt!!

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