We received a heartwarming email today and together with the Zumba class we did early this morning….it provided the perfect start to a busy day!

We love getting emails like this:

My husband and I left SA nearly 9 years ago to take up jobs overseas. At the time, it was a total no-brainer for us. We were battling to stay afloat in SA and along came the opportunity to earn USD while having all our living expenses taken care of. We had no intention of emigrating, but we wanted to see a bit of the world.

It has been an eye-opener. We have seen corruption, hatred, racism, poverty, crime….. all the things that South Africans seem to feel are theirs and theirs alone.  And it has only reinforced our belief that there is no place in the world like SA. People are often aghast when we say we can’t wait to move back, but we’re happy that this is what we want. It’s refreshing to find your website, where positivity about SA rules.


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