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I just. Don’t. Get it.

By now most of us have come to realise that our seasons are a bit messed up and each of us have an opinion as to why that is. But that’s a story for another day. A more pressing problem is that I have nothing to wear (is this just me?). Sounds very girly, I know, but this is actually a very practical, even logical complaint – a left brainer.

It’s like this: We live in KZN which means it’s not always freezing cold during the winter months. Yet every clothing shop (chain or private) stocks a full-on winter range – no exception. And I’ m not talking light garments - oh no – jerseys, jackets, scarf’s, you name it. Heaven forbid we break the rules and think out of the box. Surely there should always be at least a ¼ of summer stock or visa versa? How can this not be obvious? I would think these guys all gather around a table and plan their seasons, not?

I have a big problem with companies who have a “no-exception” policy as it leaves no room for growth; People who do business (or anything else for that matter) in a certain way because it has always worked that way. It’s so old school. My suggestion would be to implement some wild and wacky brain storming sessions. If I’m a shop owner or manager and I find that it’s been raining for four months non-stop, I will apply some logic and flexibility and bend the rules just a tad by ordering a percentage of light winter’s stock. It makes good business sense.

If you are a shop owner or manager, why can you not come to this conclusion too?

</let out steam>

By Elzet

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