This week the Phuthu gals were posed the following survival question. The scenario unfolds as follows…………………..If you get told that the ship you’re so merrily floating on, is about to go down, you are nowhere near civilization, there are enough life boats to make it to land, but you would have to move quickly as the ship is taking on water and is sinking fast.

So the question is …………………..What three items would you take from your suitcase that would ensure your survival both in the life boat and when you reach that proverbial tropical island that everybody seems to find when they are ship wrecked?

Elzet would take:

  1. I just happen to have some water purifying tablets in my suitcase, clever me. At least I can drink some kosher water. Phew.
  2. The next wonderful thing I happen to carry with me all the time is my very handy hammock-and-pillow-in-one thingamabob. This will be the bomb as there is no way I’m putting my brainy little head to rest between foreign (or any other) creepy crawlies.
  3. My Bible will go with me, a tool to keep me sane and it will make great reading material while I’m sitting there rolling boogers.

Louise would take:

After taking into consideration that my hubby would be with me and he would have the Leatherman, the first aid kit and another item of his choice, I chose the following:

  1. A light, long-sleeved waterproof jacket – You can always make yourself cooler by dipping into the ocean but you can’t really make yourself warmer and I definitely don’t want to die of hypothermia. That would be a slow agonising death!
  2. A waterproof camera in order to blog about the experience once we’re saved and back in the land of the living. After all, what good is a story without any pictures?
  3. My Id Book – for four reasons:

    So I can still remember my name after going a little craaaazy on the island.

    So that I don’t have to stand in the home affairs queue to re-apply for another ID once we’re rescued.

    So that I don’t have to go to home affairs to collect my ID when it’s ready.

    So that I don’t have to deal with home affairs at all, ever.

Kerry would take:

  1. I would go into the galley and find the biggest butcher knife I can find, which will be very useful in case I have to build shelter or silence Elzet :)
  2. Tweezers: I know, it sounds a bit girly, but think about it, it’s obviously good for tweezing, taking out splinters, which I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of (there is nothing worse than a splinter) and lastly you can attach it to a stick and make a spear for catching fish.
  3. My cigarette lighter for obvious reasons

So I now have shelter, food and warmth, everything you need for survival. Ok one last thing (I created the post so I can also cheat, technically the first item is not from my suitcase anyway) A large plastic container, for storage of water and for use as a possible buoyancy aid. And yes I do carry large plastic containers in my suitcase all the time!

No doubt Neil would bring the ciggs and the keg of rum, so we would be sorted.

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