What happens when you combine delectably tasty food with an all you can eat buffet? A very full tummy, but more than that, an experience I would definitely like to try again and tell everybody I know to try it. I was invited to Bhowani Game Lodge for a Sunday lunch all you can eat buffet. At R70 per person I was envisioning a Holiday Inn type scenario and to be honest, I was not expecting too much.  I could not have been more wrong…….

The buffet had an array of roasts, curries, stews, lasagna, which was accompanied by the roast potato, sweet potato, salads, veggies. I had a  seafood craving, so I was ecstatic to see plates and plates of freshly prepared prawns ( like, serious prawns) and crumbed calamari being brought out.  There were sauces, gravy’s, pap en sous, mint jelly, everything under the sun.

Now I am not normally an all you can eat kind of gal, I generally just pick throughout the day and that normally does me just fine, but I couldn’t help but to pile my plate to the ceiling with a little spoon of this and just a small piece of that.

Our lunch conversation consisted mainly of moans of delight, due to the most incredible taste sensations, followed by groans of discomfort as you try and fit just one more morsel into your mouth and just when you think you are never going to eat again, the main buffet is replaced by a dessert buffet…………

I sound like a kugel when I say this but ‘that baklava was to die for darling’

From start to finish, we had a lovely tasty experience, the ambiance and the view of 1000 Hills just made it all that more special. Make sure to book in advance as there are already loads of faithful followers you might have to fight off in order to get a table there.

By: Kerry

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