I was dreaming about working with wildlife orphans again the other day, and when I did some research on the net I came across a truly wonderful website called Gap Year for Grown Ups. This site will take you beyond the typical tourist experience – whether you are looking to take a career break and travel the world, volunteer abroad or simply discover something new.

Based in the UK, Gap Year for Grown Ups is all about providing a service for anyone who doesn’t fit the stereotype of someone who wants to take a gap year. Most travel companies specialising in providing ’round the world’ or ‘off the beaten track’ gap year travel experiences are geared towards younger travellers. The aim of Gap Year for Grown Ups is to re-dress this balance by opening up this type of travel to anyone, whatever their age.

Gap Year for Grown Ups provides help and advice to anyone from the age of ’30ish’ upwards who is considering taking a gap year or career break. Gap Year for Grown Ups is extremely flexible in its approach – whatever your age, however long you are planning to travel for and wherever you are planning to go, Gap Year for Grown Ups can tailor-make an itinerary to match your individual requirements.

The website is oh so helpful for those who know they need a break but have no idea how, what, where and when. Simply choose an option which to some extent relates to what you’d like to do, or choose a country you would like to visit. You’ll then be given numerous projects that fit in with your choice – whether it’s volunteering at an orphanage in Peru, teaching English in Malawi, caring for injured wolfs in New Mexico, living on a working US ranch, assisting at a Giant Panda sanctuary in China or working at the Namibian Bushman Clinic.

With exciting travel programmes in over 45 countries, you can go on a two-week taster trip or plan month-long trips incorporating several destinations.

So… if you are fed up with your job and desperate for a career break or voluntary work abroad, look no further! Maybe your children have just left home or turned you green with envy talking about their gap trip? If the thought of another beach holiday or city break does nothing for you, contact Gap Year for Grown Ups on info@gapyearforgrownups.co.uk

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