Are you breaking out in sweat thinking of all the Christmas presents you have to get? Not only do you have to go shopping for Africa, but you’re going to have to spend a lot of money as well. Apart from family members and your closest friends, there are also those friends who you don’t see often, but still would like to buy something small for. But it all adds up, and right now no one’s really got money to throw around…

I was thinking about this dilemma the other day, and decided to throw a Secret Santa Cocktail Pool Party! Rumour has it that the boys are going to Transkei for a weekend in December – a new Christmas tradition they have invented – so I thought that the girls could come around to my house and spend the weekend in the pool drinking cocktails. I also decided that everyone must bring a plate of something scrumptious for the humongous snack table we’re going to indulge in. We’re talking chips and dips (and perhaps a few carrots…), delicious quiches and pizzas, a big Greek salad and everything and anything that involves chocolate… Oh, and ice cream – of course!

Everyone will also bring a present for the Secret Santa basket. And after we’ve each opened a present we’ll have more cocktails, before bringing our PJs out and watching old chick flicks such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing and perhaps a pirate copy of the new Fame movie (…can anyone help?).

Great idea, hey? I think it’s absolutely fabulous – am sooo looking forward to it!

By Katrine


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