Some of us had to dig real deep for this week’s challenge: “Write a poem… any poem”, the suggestion came from Katrine, our very own professional writer. Yes, she does this for a living. BossLady over here probably fancies this as a lovely little project (she can do anything, I kid you not!)… which leaves Kerry and myself … So with blank expressions and a cheery attitude we decided to give it a shot. This is what came up:




Every little seed
needs time to grow
before turning into a strong,
healthy plant

But to sprout
it needs to be watered

To stay upright
and handle a gust of wind,
the stem needs support

And to feel the purest sense of safety,
the leaves need to be protected

Only then
will it flower
and show its most beautiful colours


Oh Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which country is the fairest of them all?
Is it that which turns pumpkins into coaches and mice into horses,
Or where kissed sleeping beauties are saved from eternal slumbers?
But aren’t fairytales such that no fortified castle is free of villains,
And no prince is without a woman to rescue and battles to fight?
It seems to me that these fanciful tales are like my day-to-day life
- A little bit of ordinary, a spoonful of magic and a pinch of strife!


What Rhymes With Art
I have always loved to be surrounded by beauty
Oh crap, what rhymes with beauty….. fruity, tootie, cutie?
Anyway, so I decided to take up painting and create gorgeous works of art
Um…… part, cart, tart, fart… ok got it……
I use oil on canvas that incorporates all the dreams from my heart (see quite clever hey, art, my heart)
So as you can tell by this, I am definitely not a poet
But I can paint a Picasso in my sleep, as I’m an Artist and I know it.


Kringe in die bos
in Kombuistaal

Die lewe, ‘n snakes ‘n ladders bordspel, en
elke dice-gooi ‘n ewigheidsbelegging
Keuses bepaal na watter kant ons oorhel

Naak en kwesbaar neem ons stelling in
reg vir ‘n proeflopie van trial and error
Op jul merke, Gereed… Besin!

Die lewe, ‘n dress rehearsal wat bepaal
op watter noot ons die eindpaal haal

Life is like a game of – no, not chocolates – snake and ladders. Our decisions determine our direction. Naked and fragile we start off as babies; engage on our life journey, a dress rehearsal of trial and error which influences the End.

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