Summer finally arrived in Durban this weekend with temperatures reaching well into the mid 30′s. And what better way to appreciate this, then by having a picnic in the Durban Botanical gardens, with the unique electronic sounds of Rise and Goldfish resonating through the park.

I could have kicked myself for not taking my camera with me, there were just so many opportunities to take some amazing people shots, what from beach bunnies prancing around in their ‘teeny weenies‘, to the ‘goefballs’ sitting under the shade, tapping their feet to the rhythm, ridiculous grins on their faces and finally the ‘I don’t get out much‘ moms and dads, who after a couple of glasses of wine, decide to let their hair down. There was much eye rolling, head shaking, ‘oh just kill me now‘ from the kids, staring on in horror as their parents confidently performed the dance moves that made them famous back in the day.

I must say I felt a bit ‘over the hill’ going to a Goldfish performance, but by the end of it, I too was in toe-tapping appreciation of the South African talent on stage, oozing with originality and musical genius. Not only did Goldfish put on a first class performance, but the opening band Rise was not too shabby either, in fact they were that good, I went and bought the CD and the t-shirt to go with it.

By: Kerry

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