The festive season is upon us – I can taste it! I’m all fired-up and inspired, ready to have a fine time. I’m busy putting together a must-have camping list that includes everything from a fly swatter and a can of Doom to an enormously wide-rimmed summer hat and a coolerbox-fridge combo. I’m all for convenience and would’ve loved to take my microwave with but my man reckons I’m being daft… and here I thought I was being precocious.

In my search for equipment and gadgets, I found this easy, peasy, cheesy recipe in the Go! magazine and I’m so going to give it a shot!

Easy Cheese and Beer Bread Recipe

Take this:
500 g self raising flour
a pinch of salt
a handful of grated cheese
1 x 340 ml beer

Do this
Take a sip of the beer you’re about to use – all ingredients need testing (an unwritten camping rule). Mix the flour, salt, cheese and beer into a soft dough.

Use this
Flat black potjie

Make like so
Grease the potjie and add the dough to it.

Fire it up
Place the potjie on the coals and add a 2 – 3 medium coals on the lid and a few coals around the side

Time it
Bake it for about 45 minutes – test and enjoy!

If you’re planning on making this before I get to do it, please send me a photo.

By Elzet

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