My mountain biking love curve has been a little low since the Cape Epic. I loved that race but I must say that it did sap the energy out of my mitochondria. However, I’m delighted to report that this weekend the love curve increased exponentially thanks to the race at Oribi Gorge. Aaaaaaaw, it’s one of those places that are rugged but beautiful, a typical Bear Grylls hang out. I remember riding down one of the  switchbacks and being distracted by the view and thinking man, I am in Africa baby! Actually, it was more like MAN! I’m in AFRICA. BABY! It’s one of those moments where you feel as though you are breathing in the scenery around you. And the sweatier, smellier and dirtier you are, the more you feel like shrieking out “MAN! I’m in AFICA. BABY!” -  doing a fist pump at the same time. Don’t forget the fist pump.

Please say that you’ve had one of those moments? Anybody?

In other news:

  1. A friend of mine has just discovered blogging and has started the coolest blog showcasing her life in drawings, I just love it – head over to Kirsty Barton, what a talented gal!
  2. Another friend of mine has just discovered facebook. Yup, just just just discovered it. And then I just just just discovered this pic of me on her Epic Album.


This is the dusty sand-face, post-ride, I’m-in-Africa look. Gorgeous, I know.

I’m just going to keep telling myself that I think…

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