I was watching a documentary the other night about England’s Monarchy – very interesting! Even with centuries of pomp and ceremony, the queen’s closest and most trusted advisors are cognisant that the Monarch needs to move with the times. How can the Queen move with the times you ask? Well, these advisors gently encourage the Queen to adopt a little less formality on certain occasions, making her more “human” to the public. If the queen can move with the times, then so can you and your business! If you’re running your shop out of a cash book, then get a cash register. If you run your accounts in a series of handwritten ledgers, why not get Pastel or Quick books to help you do it faster? If you get a lot of faxes, why not get a free fax to email number? The point is to take the time to learn something new which may be out of your comfort zone at first but eventually you’ll see that it will save you time and money! People often say, “If I change to a new system now, it’s going to take forever to learn”.  Try and look beyond that because once you have learnt a new system you may well find that you have a lot more time to put into something else.

Answer to Monday’s Braai Brain Challenge:

A hole :)

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