The ladies at Phuthu headquarters always try to encourage green living, with very practical Eco friendly tips, take for example our tips on “Rest in [green] peace” or “Green your Office“, very informative you would have to agree. So we are very pleased and excited to report on the following event- Design for Sustainable Living Expo.

The Expo will be taking place in Hermanus from Thursday, 24 September 2009 to Sunday, 27 September 2009.

Learn first hand how it’s done, over 1000 square meters in which you can explore the meaning of “sustainability” and learn how to live sustainably. Displays will provide insight into the lifestyle choices that we face and into the practical application of information and technology that is available to help us to live comfortably in a world where energy sources are depleting. learn how, adopting a better informed lifestyle will slow and even reverse the damage that we have done to our environment!

Get involved. Get informed. Knowledge is power, lets utilize this power in a positive way and do something for our precious Planet.

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