Well, besides the diverse cultural heritage that makes up our rainbow nation, we celebrate the fact that all of our contributions together edifies our beautiful country.

In 2005 a media campaign re-branded Heritage Day as National Braai Day – a culinary outdoor event all South Africans can relate to.

And as obedient, submissive South Africans we will do just that:

Not that we want to, of course. We would much rather have gone about our usual business at work, being productive and all that. But seeing that a braai is what is expected of us and we all believe in unity, we will comply.

So whether you are having a backyard braai with phuthu, chakalaka and boerewors, a larney kebab-and-cous-cous barbeque on your patio or sitting around a fire burning a chicken and sharing Shaka Zulu stories, we want you to be proud of your heritage and have a fabulous day.

Happy Braai Day AKA Heritage Day!

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