It might be one of those things that you keep putting off but setting up an automatic back-up process for your computer is vital and should be of top priority. If your business computers crash or are stolen or even if they go up in flames it could take you months and months to retrieve business contacts, numbers and account details and some information/documents will be lost forever. Your business could suffer heavily which is not a situation that any businessperson wants to be in. Ideally you should set your computer up to do back-ups daily and you should have two portable hard-drives that you swop over everyday, preferably taking one off-site. If you work form home, store the hard-drive away from your computer in a safe place. The point is that it is not in the same place as your computer. If you are not sure on how to set up an automatic back-up system, or if you run a complex network then call an I.T company who would be able to discuss various solutions for you!

Answer to yesterday’s Brain Game:

Dr Piet. Since these are the only two dentists in town, it is certain they do each other’s dental work. Therefore Dr Jan must be responsible for the poor state of his partner’s teeth and should be avoided

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