Hill2Hill – a 96km mountain bike ride from World’s View in Pietermaritzburg to Shongweni Polo Club in Alverstone. That’s what my hubby did yesterday. That’s what 1500 mountain bikers did yesterday too. That’s what I didn’t do yesterday.

…cos I’m still in therapy from last year. I might be cured in another 12 months. We’ll see.

So I hooked up with my buddy Gina, who was also seconding her hubby and we fulfilled the role that every wife should play at least once in her life – the quintessential shuttle bunny.

Geenie, clearly with more seconding, navigating and driving experience than me, assumed the role of chief navigator. And she did a damn fine job if I can say so myself! She found us a great spot alongside the dusi in front of an old bridge with stairs on the one side. The best part of the day was watching people ride down these stairs (and then giving grief to the guys who didn’t by rubbing in the fact that two ladies had already mastered the obstacle, hee hee!).


The top 20 guys rode down without flinching and that was quite fun to watch but our fun stopped soon thereafter…….because everybody started walking -even people that could easily ride down the stairs!


I don’t want to mention any names like Paul Potter or anything that didn’t ride down. Oops, did I just say P_ _ _ P_ _ _ _ _?


When I first started this blog, I took the stand that I was not going to hurt anyone in the process, that I was not going to embarass anyone or make fun of anyone. And for that reason I am definitely NOT going to mention that Mr Deon Chiesman (middle right) was one of the walkers. I really just don’t believe in taking advantage of this platform to do such a thing.


Jilly is forgiven for walking because she is a gorgeous, precious, delicate, SINGLE (I repeat single) young woman and we don’t want her breaking any of those delicate bones.


But then, after watching walker upon walker upon walker, we almost missed my man gliding down the stairs! You show em how it’s done hun!


We also saw the riders at Umlaas Road. I know they say you shouldn’t take pictures into the sun but I forgot about that. What a beautiful day it was…..

And the third best part of the day was seeing my hubby finish the race in one piece. All connective tissue was connected. Always a good sign.

He came 57th in a time of 5.13. Well done Mister!

P.S And well done to everybody who took part!

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