This post is not about the dentist who I went to see yesterday again for the 10 518th time. Nope it’s not about that at all.

Well, in a way it is indirectly related. You just need to carry on reading and you’ll understand why.

Okay so I went to the dentist yesterday to get a sharp edge polished away. It took 4 minutes and 20 seconds. I timed it. Good thing it was a short visit because National Geographic decided to air a documentary on Tarantula’s just as I sat down on the chair and gazed upwards. My timing is consistently spectacular. Great white sharks the one week, snakes the following week and arachnids this week! Having a numb lip for 7 hours is terrifying enough for me and even more terrifying for my husband. Poor thing.

Just as I was about to leave (with all my facial nerves intact, yeehaa!) we started having a doorway conversation – you know the types where you’re about to say ta ta and dash to your car but get delayed with chatter?  Yup, we had one of those but I didn’t mind because he told me news that made me want to squeeze both his cheeks with delight – 3 families that he knew rather well went to Australia in December 08 and have just returned back to SA for good. Apparently they battled to settle in and realised it wasn’t quite the same as “home”. Although I feel heartbroken for these people, I really do, I also respect their bravery for coming back. It’s not an easy decision to return home especially when you thought you had made the right decision in the first place. But we all make mistakes and hopefully any returning South Africans will appreciate this country a lot more and encourage others to stay. I think it’s much better to just stay Phut! What do you say?

P.S  Welcome back!

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