So the question this week is what 3 tips would you give to a student to help them live an eco-friendly student life? This is what the Phuthu girls said:


  1. Save our beautiful trees
    Avoid printing out too many documents, rather make use of them on your computer. Also, if you study through UNISA, opt to receive tutorial letters and other material via e-mail rather than via post, as this will save paper as well. For back-up, use an external hard drive or a memory stick – don’t print out copies! When you do have to use paper, use both sides of it before you file it away or chuck it out. Reading news and gossip on the internet saves you buying a newspaper or a glossy mag – which in turn saves more paper.
  2. Use natural products wherever possible
    Use a natural hair dye product to avoid chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide, buy natural make-up not tested on animals and use organic washing powder – which will look after your favourite clothes and make them last longer as well. Use fragrance-free skin and hair products and use bicarb and white vinegar as a cleaner and stain remover. This is not only saving the environment but saving you money as well!
  3. Recycle your ‘party waste’
    We all know students party a lot… Which is why they should buy quarts instead of cans or small bottles, because quarts use less energy when produced. And quarts are cheaper too, giving you more beer for your money! Remember to recycle all your glass or why not brew your own beer and re-use the bottles yourself? And if you smoke, please don’t forget to dispose of your cigarette butts properly. They are not biodegradable!


  1. Use hemp: This organically sustainable product is very versatile, enabling it to be used in textiles, beauty products, food and industry. And Besides, it’s always cool to say to your mates that your handbag is made from cannabis!
  2. Get help for your phobias: The biggest danger posed to our urban wildlife e.g. spiders and snakes, is our sometimes irrational fear of them that forces us to use poisons and sprays in our immediate environment. Get help for your phobias and live with nature instead of against it.
  3. Avoid Fast Food: Most fast food is over packaged and is responsible for producing horrendous amounts of rubbish. By avoiding fast food whenever possible, you’ll help reduce this needless waste.

Elzet “On the run” Pedersen:

  1. “Go Green” is not a command to smoke it up. Don’t pollute dude, give dope the boot! Find another way to chill.
  2. Leave your car at home and get a lift with a friend – less environmental impact and much cheaper!
  3. Recycle your party evidence, such as empty beer cans and bottles. This way you only damage your liver, not the environment.


  1. Wash Sparingly: Wash your clothes once a week and save on water, electricity and cleaning detergents – something tells me that you do this already?. Okay boys, you make it two weeks without a clothes wash and girls you make it one week without a clothes wash. Note that I did not include underwear in this equation. Underwear is different, please for your own sake clean it regularly.
  2. Be cognisant of your hairdo. Guys – It’s not the sixties, keep your hair short and sexy and you’ll need less shampoo and chemicals to take care of it. Girls -lose the highlights and go natural.
  3. Refrain from being childish - Don’t steel rubbish bins or street signs or post boxes or plants or any other piece of public property no matter how funny or intelligent you think it is at 2 o’ clock in the morning – be respectful to the environment around you and the world will be a better, greener place!
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