Every week when I think that I’ve run dry of creative juices, then up pops yet another reason why I love this country so much.

This is so not a “look-at-me-I’m-into-charity” kinda post. The focus here is South African people in general. To be more specific, South Africans and their big hearts.

I got involved in a project at a crèche down in the valley at Inanda Dam (Hillcrest, KZN), a crèche that is seriously lacking the basic things in life like food, decent leak-proof buildings and funds to pay the teachers’ salaries.

My first aim is to try and get their roof fixed as September – the rain season – is fluttering its long grey eyelashes in a manner that is quite unnerving.

What amazes me about this country, though is its down to earth people that will do whatever they need to do, because of The Big Need. There are so many good people out there that are doing this kind of work for mahala. Behind-the-scene people that are always willing to put aside a bit of their grocery money to make someone else’s life more bearable. This is not a question of conquering, losing interest and moving on, but a journey of perseverance. Even when it seems like nothing much is happening on the fundraising side, there are always people who stay phut until something happens.

These people aren’t looking for greener pastures, they mix some good ol’ cow dung with foliage, make compost and green the area they’re in. I like.

More on this project next time! Watch this space.

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