I’ve asked the Phuthu girls a tricky question this week: What animal, found in the African bush, would best describe you and your personality? We all agreed that it was difficult to identify ourselves with just one animal. There are just so many of them, all so different and with such distinctive characteristics. But here’s what we all finally decided on..

What animal would best describe me and my personality? Sjoe, this is a hard one! What animal is hard-working yet relaxed, playful yet serious, solitary yet social, organised yet clumsy, smart yet silly, loving yet guarded…told you it was a hard one! Perhaps I should choose a chimpanzee since they share 98% of their DNA with us. Then again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll exude my complicated qualities. Mmm… I love elephants but does that mean that they would best describe me? I’m not sure that I know enough about them to say for sure. But what I do know is that they are family-orientated, strong, loving and they know where they’re going – irrespective of how long it’ll take to get there.

chimpanzee3 elephant5

I would say I definitely fit in with the cat family for two reasons. When all is good I purr happily, but when I’m on the warpath I flaunt my nails, stand tall and get into fight mode (I would stand up against an army to fight for what I believe in).
If I have to choose a cat type it would probably be the leopard because of its elusive, shy nature. They prefer living in solitude and are capable of killing prey much larger then themselves (fighting the Giants, as in obstacles). And a leopard usually does not tolerate intrusion except to mate, which means my hubby finds himself on purrrfectly safe ground.


I would have to say a giraffe. They seem to be the most chilled out, as the one thing I have noticed about the bushveld is that all the animals are running around wondering when they going to be the next meal, always looking behind them or up to the skies. But the giraffe seems to be on Prozac or something, they even eat slowly. Can you imagine being able to look over everything and see when danger is coming? Man, it must be a fantastic view from up there!


I have decided that I am a chameleon. I might not have those parrot-like feet or those separately mobile and rather freaky stereoscopic eyes. Or that very long, highly modified and rapidly extrudable tongue. But I think I might have the swaying gait (at least when I have had a bottle or two of red wine). And what I definitely have is the ability to change colour. I can easily adapt and fit into most situations, and I like to think I can handle what’s thrown my way (most of the time). I don’t change the true me though, what you see is what you get… Take it or leave it! But I do know how to adjust and acclimatise myself – whether it’s into a new country and its culture, a new social group or a new job. Colour change in chameleons is also used as an expression of its physiological condition and as a social indicator to other chameleons… So watch out, I can be green, blue and grey all in one day (well, at least my eyes can) – depending on my mood.


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