The topic of today’s post centres around food and entertaining. If you could invite any 3 South African people to supper – friends and family excluded- who would they be and what would you cook for them? The Ladies from Phuthu have put their heads together once more to share their opinions on the matter.


  1. Ross Learmonth from Prime Circle, merely because of his beautiful guttural voice.
  2. Comedian Aaron McIlroy to amuse us.
  3. Nataniel for his fine sense of humour. He unfortunately declined due to the fact that the menu consists of common South
    African food like phuthu, braaivleis, mielies with herb butter and a toss-in-whatever-you-can-find-in-your-fridge salad;
    which leaves me no choice but to invite:
  4. Bheki Cele, our new Police Commissioner. My thinking was that we can sit down and get real over a glass of good whizza.


Sean Wisedale + Riaan Manser + Michael Naiker

Why: 2 young adventurers and a comedian – There would be no awkward silences whatsoever. Plus I’d be entertained the whole evening with life-and-death stories and then jokes about those life-and-death stories. What fun!

What would I serve:

Starter: On the braai – spicy mini wors – lots of it

Main: Lamb Potjie Kos (not that I’ve ever made this)

Dessert: Toasted Marshmallows to encourage more campfire stories.


Hmmm. Difficult one. And I do want to invite Mandela, even though Elzet says I’m not allowed to! But ok, so I won’t be able to shake those famous, big, comforting hands of his this time…

I would definitely cook my delicious Norwegian meatballs – with their few secret ingredients that make them soooo very tasty. And I’d serve them with savoury brown onion gravy, mashed potatoes and julienne vegetables stir-fired in butter, garlic, chilli and herbs. With sour cream and cranberry sauce on the side, of course. For pudding I’d make a decadent Bar One Chocolate Cake and serve it with vanilla ice cream.

I would invite Kingsley Holgate, he is such an interesting man and has experienced so much – travelling the world on his extraordinary conservation adventures! He would be able to entertain us with incredible stories all night.

I would also invite Bryan Habana, just because he is my favourite rugby player and I think he would really enjoy the meatballs.

Then I was thinking about inviting Helen Zille, because I admire her and what she has achieved. But I don’t think I’d be keen to listen to political palaver all night, so I’d rather invite Gareth Cliff – simply because I enjoy his sense of humour and I think he would be a laugh to have around.


Ok, my response is not nearly as cultured or as heartwarming as my co-workers, as I would like to invite Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to my house. I would serve him Pap en Sous and while I’m in the process of asking him ‘Wtf where you thinking’ I would slip a little something into his quart of Black Label.

I would then have my other two guests Kobus Wiese and Beast, help me dispose of a little rubbish, at which point I would serve the main course of Roast Beef, grilled Mediterranean vegetables with rosemary and lemon juice, Yorkshire pudding and caramelised onion gravy, accompanied with a Cabernet Sauvignon. For Dessert Crème Brule and Irish coffee’s.

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