Have you ever fallen asleep at the dentist? Neither have I. Well, except for yesterday – that’s the only time I promise.  I went to get my amalgam fillings replaced so it was quite a long appointment but besides that, the dentist had a TV in the roof of the theatre which I thought was pretty darn impressive. Somehow the peripheral view of  drills and spit-sucker-uppers protruding from my mouth made watching TV somewhat testing.  National Geographic also knew that I was going to be sitting in a dentist’s chair that afternoon and so they kindly scheduled a 2 hour documentary on Great White Sharks! Yip, just for me because they know how much I like sharks.

And just as a great white flung it jaws open and sunk its teeth into an unsuspecting duck floating on the water, the dentist asked,  “Are you all right there Louise?”

“Uh uh uh huh” I mumbled, still reeling in shock that the poor birdie was a birdie no more.

And that’s when I just closed my eyes and drifted off, unable to deal with any further trauma. Can you blame me?

Little did I know that the anaesthetic would only wear off at about 9.30 that evening – a secondary trauma in itself! Do you know how mortifying it was when I looked in the mirror and realised that I could not, despite Olympian effort, flare my right nostril? It really messed with my sense of symmetry. But at 9.30pm, I could finally drink a cup of tea with a 100% retention rate, I could smile without looking like Elvis and lastly, I could flare both nostrils to the same circumference. Man, that made me happy!

Why are my trips to dentists always so eventful?


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