I think a lot and I think I’m quite good at thinking. I think about random stuff, intellectual stuff, deep stuff, mushy stuff, spiritual stuff and silly stuff but never have I thought about batteries messing up the environment. Perhaps it’s due to a lack of education?

Batteries contain various acids and heavy metals that can leak out over time and contaminate the water supply near landfills. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like a major problem to you, but if every household throws out about 10+ batteries a year it adds up and becomes a serious source of pollution over time.

Uniross provides boxes outside most Pick ‘n Pay’s into which you can drop your used batteries; just pop them in the same packet as your used CFL bulbs.

Awareness brings responsibility – now that you know you have no excuse not to do the right thing!

Reference: Going Green – 365 Ways To Change Our World by Simon Gear

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