If you feel like catching up with friends over a cup of mocha coffee and a few mouth-watering fairy cakes, or a cup of cinnamon tea with quiche and salad, pop into Vanille Cafe in Kloof’s Bellevue Road.

This eclectic and arty coffee shop is warm and welcoming – always boasting deliciously fresh and homemade food as well as a lovely ambience. There’s a cosy indoor area and an outdoor teagarden, where in between trees you’ll find mismatched tables, chairs, comfy vintage couches and old-fashioned crockery. The chandeliers made from knives and forks are also pretty special. And the kitchen is open plan, which means you can watch your food being prepared should you want to.

Last time I was there the resident chickens were wandering around in the courtyard looking for crumbs and other leftovers, while my friends and I shared a few pieces of utterly decadent cakes and gossiped about everything and nothing – enjoying the sun peeking through the treetops and the buzz of happy, satisfied people.

There’s also a small décor and accessories shop worth browsing through, as well as Lucy’s Cake Shop – where you can choose a piece and bring it to your table, or take it home for your hardworking husband…

Tel 031 717 2780 for more info


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