If you are tired of coming up with dinner ideas using red meat and chicken, or if you have fed your poor oven (and kids) too many fish fingers throughout the years, find new inspiration by picking up deliciously fresh fish fillets at Fin & Scale – situated at the Maytime Centre in Kloof outside Durban.

This small but very inviting fish shop can tempt you with delicacies of any sort, such as fresh Norwegian salmon and line fish, frozen shellfish, Thai fish cakes and prawn rissoles. Every day you’ll see a sign in the window advertising ‘today’s special’ – which can be anything from Cape salmon and dorado, to barracuda or tuna.

Brendon Christie’s love of fishing inspired him to open Fin & Scale. More often than not he’ll be there offering you whatever he has caught that morning, or one of his assistants will happily help you choose something that’s perfect for your preferences and tastebuds.

And if you are sick of flinging pieces of rump steak or dozens of pork and lamb chops on the braai, Fin & Scale is also the answer. All you have to do is pop in and ask which fish on that day would be best for braaing, and they will tell you exactly how to prepare and cook it. My personal favourite is the barracuda - wrapped in tinfoil with a bit of butter, lemon, garlic and dill. And with a few capers as well, if you’re a fan. Served with baked potatoes and stir-fried julienne vegetables… Mmmmmmmm!

The popularity of Brendan’s Kloof store has resulted in him opening another store in Hillcrest. And that should speak for itself, really.

Fin & Scale Kloof:  tel 031 764 0716
Fin & Scale Hillcrest: tel 031 765 1977

By Katrine


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