Something I absolutely love about South Africa is the way some cultures, like the Indians, care for their older generations like parents and grandparents – they see it as pay-back time. Today the idea is quite foreign as most of us prefer an independent, comfortable life. It would be great if we could start doing life this way. Yes, it will be challenging. Yes, it will be frustrating at times. But it will be so rewarding. If the older generation is financially free to live in a well established retirement village, that is great. Life does unfortunately not always go according to our script and where parents or grandparents are in need, I think we should adapt our lives in such a way that we can include them in our lives, whether it is making room for them in our house for a period of time or building a garden cottage. Even if it means sacrificing the things we want – you just can’t put a price on basic human needs such as belonging to a family and being loved and cared for.

All a bit mushy, I know. But true.

By Elzet Pedersen

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