There are people that support charities, people that occasionally support charities and then there are those that never support charities. I think one of the main reasons that people do not support charities or are unsure about supporting them is that a.) They don’t know if they are legitimate charities and b.) They don’t know how their money is being spent.  Well, I found two websites recently that help to address these concerns. The first is called Charity Navigator , an independent charity evaluator which works to create more responsible and efficient philanthropic process by assessing the financial health of America’s largest charities. Although the website focuses on American charities, many of them have an international reach as well. A website like this might take some time to get off the ground but would be a great framework for African Charities too.

The second website I found was the Jolkona Foundation which helps people to gain control over their donations by “connecting them to a variety of innovative projects that are committed to showing a one-to-one proof of impact for each donation”. So people can actually monitor and see the impact that they are having on a charity. Projects range from health to education and from the environment to empowerment – and you can choose the project that appeals to you.

Hopefully, websites like these will make giving safer, easier and more rewarding.

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