Vivacious Noeleen Bridle has got so much energy that she simply needs to share it with us. A perfect picture of health, this experienced personal trainer holds intriguing secrets to a leaner, meaner you. Noeleen’s business, Strength & Mind, is all about sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has gained in her life time as an athlete, and using this as a tool in her quest to maintain health in body and most of all mind.

After having left a marriage with two children, no education and no income, Noeleen was forced to work with what she knew best – namely exercise. “My commitment to numerous forms of physical exercise in my youth gave me a good grounding in being disciplined. As I have pursued my interest in weight and fat loss I have realised just how much the mind, your past and what you have been predisposed to, are linked,” she explains.

An initial capital gave her a chance to work independently. “I am a one-woman show so I only have my time to sell, but this does give me enormous peace of mind and the chance to work hard at what I do. It really has paid off, as my clients always come back to reinforce what they have learnt and trust.” Noeleen’s philosophy is quite simply based on logic: know your body and link it to where your mind is right now.

What is unique about Strength and Mind is the fact that Noeleen is not selling a quick fix more often than not is hard to fix, but she is giving you the tools to make progress in the most important department of your life: your health.  “My product is an everlasting one. When you embark on taking charge of yourself through your food choices, you gain inner strength and power that can never be taken away – a quick route to advancing your mind.”

Noeleen often works with people grouped according to fitness and ability, and this is where a lot of sharing and education takes place. “My interest in correcting behaviour through food choices means that loads of parents are now investing time in changing their lifestyles and also those of their children. Fatness and obesity is going to be compounded unless something is done from the time the child is born, and I am making sure that I spread my information far and wide,” says Noeleen.

The challenge Noeleen has is to make sure that she invests her spare time in sleeping. “Getting up at 3.15 am every morning requires catching up! But I feel it is my purpose to impart what I know, so my reward is that each person is forced to listen to me and will advance in his or her own time.”

Noeleen says success is relative and she simply feels successful because each day she is satisfied with what she is doing and how she goes about it. “Having a successful business is all about knowing your product,” she says. “And working within such a diverse, vibrant, energetic community – as well as knowing that each corner of our country consists of such people – makes me Proudly South African.”

So what’s the best tip a health and fitness mentor can give us? “Never ever eat light or diet products. And look after your family, friends and your body,” says Noeleen. “And remember – it’s never too late. I’ve trained a woman of 65 who ended up with only muscles.”

Now ask yourself what your personal trainer is really teaching you. Because what will sustain you daily, you will learn from Noeleen at Strength and Mind.

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