Superjerm actually wrote the article below a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t publish it because I thought that the cooking bug that I contracted all those weeks ago (that he talks about below)would have disappeared by now and the lust for cooking would be null and void. But I’m proud to say, tis not the case. *Gobsmacked expression*. I’m still cooking up a hurricane and so herewith, I present to you, Superjerms personal account after the first week of my cooking bug:

I’m not sure how it happened but the Phuthu lady’s passion for cooking has been awakened……!

I doubt it’s the numerous cook books we have in our bookshelves, the recipes she posts on her websites or the take away saturation levels we’ve reached…….perhaps she thinks I am wasting away and needs to fatten me up a bit!

From someone who’s most adventurous cooking escapade was tossing a few frozen crumbed pieces of fish plus a few spuds in the oven to someone who cooks better than Nigella!

So, for the past week, I’ve had 5 course meals every night, I’ve already put on 5 kgs and am budgeting on another 5 by the end of the month! My scale whimpers when I look at it and our dishwasher groans at all the dishes it has to clean!

My diner now consists of:

Some tasty soup – pea and bacon, carrot and ginger or broccoli & lemon

Post starter
Deep fried Halloumi

Pre Main
Yummy home made fish cakes with coriander and spring onion dip

Better than Mama Lucianos home made meat balls and sauce.

Post main
Fillet with Avo on couscous and red wine jus

More of all above

Too packed to even eat a smartie

Every night is something new and exciting, can’t wait for tonight!

Little does he know that I’ve also had my eyes on a delicious pair of leather boots from Zoom for the past month. It’s called “cooking-for-boots”. Hee hee, just kidding.

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