I absolutely love business ideas that concern the environment so when I read about FrogBox, I knew that I just had to share it with you!

Operating in Vancouver as well as Seattle, FrogBox offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard boxes used for moving. FrogBoxes eliminate the hassle of having to assemble and tape cardboard boxes and then dispose of them afterwards. The company delivers a set of boxes to your door which are charged for by the week. They then pick them up again from your new premises once you’re done! Delivery charges range from $30 – $50 depending on the address and 25 FrogBoxes as well as a small trailer, costs $79 for the week.

According to FrogBox, cardboard and paper waste makes up approximately 18 – 26 percent of landfill material. So that’s definitely a reason to make use of a service like this when moving.

This would be a great franchise concept to introduce to South Africa! So come on entrepreneurs, get moving (excuse the pun)!

For more info visit: FrogBox

Ref: Springwise


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