Because the Phuthu gals are feeling seriously intelligent this morning, we thought we’d each have a go at how we’d describe a Koeksister to a foreigner. Yup, intellectual South African stuff going down at Phuthu this morning.


The “Koek” and the “Sister” form an intertwined South African treat
Beware your tastebuds because these things are real sweet.
They’ll tickle your tastebuds and give you a sugar high,
You may feel dizzy and dumb but I’m sure you won’t die.
If I were you, I’d go and buy a pack of twenty right now,
and scuffle them down – as many as your tummy will allow!


Pronunciation [cook-sistah]


  1. Looks like a hair plait but it’s in actual fact a doughy kinda plait
  2. Two straight fingers of dough formed into a twisted sistah
  3. Drowned in a syrupy sauce

Consistency: Soft and juicy

Origin: Afrikaans


Well it comes from an Afrikaans word ‘koek’ meaning ‘cook’ and ‘sister’ meaning ‘sister’, so in other words you need to cook your sister or your sister in law, whichever you prefer, in a big potjie, while everyone dances naked around an open fire, chanting the word ‘koeksister, koeksister’. No seriously, it’s a syrup-coated doughnut that has been twisted into a braid or plait. They are very sticky and sweet, and of course delicious. The Afrikaner knew what they were doing when they created this yummy South African dessert.


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