Dear Diary

Please forgive me. I have an addiction. And I am in love..


..With these legs..

…and calves …

..and forearems

All these dedicated, determined, hard-working, gorgeous thigh muscles.

And just in case you didn’t get what thighs are, I took a representative sample of the study population.  I thought you gals may have needed further explanation.


It’s a pleasure.

So I bet you’ve guessed what the addiction is right? Yup,  Le Tour de France . That race with a whole lot of thigh going on. But thighs aside, I really just love this epic race, it’s such a tactical race and it’s always nail-biting stuff to see how things go down. What really makes me happy is when some guy wins who has never smelt glory in any major bike race before. Their glee, utter glee makes the butterflies in my tummy do a little jingle. I also love it when they hitch a 2 second ride when they pick up drinks from the car. Hee Hee!

I am also having a slight infatuation with these eyes..


They’re so sparkly.


Yes, Alberto Contador‘s Irises, Corneas and Pupils. That’s them right there.

And, then there is The Schlek brothers. Aaah, their love for each other, it’s just too adorable. It makes me want to have 50 children in the hope that at least 2 of them will become whipass cyclists and then ride the Tour De France together, win stages together, get overwhelmed by emotion, hug each other in the end and then make their mamma cry for a week.


But wait…


O Armstrong, Armstrong! wherefore art thou Armstrong? I had withdrawal symptoms for 4 whole years.

But I feel much, much better now thanks.

Diary, I’m already missing the race for next year. Can that at all be possible?

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