I love Woolies. Not only for their quality and the yummy factor but also for the fact that they open at 7am sharp and close at 7 pm.

Woolworths always saves the day:

Scenario 1: Forgot to buy a certain product – great for last minute shopping.
Scenario 2: Running late with no time to buy groceries and still prepare dinner.
Scenario 3: An early morning craving for a Woolies omelette. Because I deserve it.
Scenario 4: Forgot my lunch at home.
Scenario 5: Unexpected guests.
Scenario 6: Expected guests.
Scenario 7: Having a Dazy Lay.
Scenario 8: Popping in at 7 am for something my daughter needs at crèche.
Scenario 9: Forgot to get a Father’s Day gift.
Scenario 10: Need to get cake for home group.
Scenario 11. Hubby can’t get from point A to B without an in-between snack.
Scenario 12: Sunday afternoon craving for something sweet.
Scenario 13: Just remember it’s my colleague’s birthday – Flowers!
Scenario 14: Need fresh fruit and veggies to make and freeze baby food.
Scenario 15: Did I mention it’s great when you’re running late and need something for supper?

With the recession and belt tightening happening all around us I unfortunately have to limit these little trips of mine just somewhat. That being said, I do believe that a solid friendship like ours takes work from both sides, so I always try and make time for this special friend of mine.


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