I’m kind of broke at the moment…  Actually, I might as well admit it: I am totally broke! It’s so bad that I’m even considering using my one and only credit card – something I have never done before in my life! When you buy a new house (and all those bits and pieces that you absolutely HAVE to have in your new house) and write off your old car so badly that you have to buy a brand new car, your bank account does tend to suffer a bit… So I decided to take on all the work I could possibly manage in order to earn some extra cash. But so far it just hasn’t been enough, which is why I headed for Exclusive Books last night to see if I could find any material on how to get rich. Jeff Fisher gave me this advice:






According to Jeff, it seems like you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot in order to get rich… Such as your dignity, your mother and yourself! So I’ve decided to stick to working extra hours instead… Unless anyone else can offer a few brilliant tips on how to get rich?

By Katrine

Reference: How To Get Rich by Jeff Fisher (U.K. 2001, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC)

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