Here is the deal: When you get to a certain age, your hormones start rebelling and develop a mind of their own. Whether it comes in the form of menopause or Thyroid disease, come it will come. No escaping that.  I am probably in denial but I don’t think of myself as grownup enough to struggle with any hormone related disorder. Research suggests that anything is possible after the age of 35. There is just no mercy.

Today I bear a long scar across my throat and symptoms that will make the Blair Witch Project seem like a walk in the park. They took out my only thyroid and left me with nothing, not even a script or a warning that I might turn into Cruella De Vil. Just one of those things, they said, deal with it. I tried dealing with it for seven very long months but it’s just not happening. My body went on strike and the little bit of hormones that I did have, left the building.

After seeing a surgeon who had some serious human relation issues and an endocrinologist that came to me highly recommended, I was referred to a homeopath by our very own BossLady. How I love you!

The best thing I’ve ever done!

After making my headaches and migraines disappear, he sent me for blood tests (yes, he can deal with any issue, even hormones) and told me that my motor is running at only 20 km/h. Charming, isn’t it. No wonder I’m still strutting my stuff in my maternity wear! What’s my point? My point is that we have underestimated the power of homeopathy. I am eating my hat as we communicate. My homeopath might look like a lecturer in homeopathy, which he is, but he is also a Doctor. A real one. And he knows his stuff.

What I love about homeopathy:

  • It’s natural. Bye-bye to antibiotics, repeat scripts and relying on over the counter drugs.
  • They deal with the root of the problem, not the symptoms.
  • I wasn’t given millions of different lotions and potions. 6 Effective white little powders, once off.
  • The muti is cheap and it works!
  • It’s not a wham-bam-thank-you-mam kinda treatment, they ask 101 questions.
  • Every patient’s situation and make-up is unique, therefore the treatment each one receives is different, even if the symptoms are similar.

The proof is in the pudding and I highly recommend this recipe!

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