I had such a good giggle this morning. I was lying on a warm, cosy bed in the physio rooms with two senior citizens chatting away in the cubicles next to me. They were ranting and raving about the state of this country. Sigh. They made a great team; the one gentleman would initiate a topic, like the electricity increase or bank scams and the other would follow suit with a remark equally toxic. To make matters worse,  their hearing was not quite what it should be, so I had to listen to this in stereo. They covered everything from crime and tax to the government and ridiculous food increases. Blah-blah-blah. Not like I haven’t had enough of this over the weekend –  gimme a break!  With this I turned my head away with poise and took off to my happy place.

I came around slowly when Grumpy No.1 said:

“… but you know what, I love this place and won’t just pack up and go.”

Grumpy No. 2 agreed whole heartedly. I couldn’t help laughing.

Makes me wonder if they voted earlier this year. ‘Cos if they did not… yes, that’s right… they don’t have the right to whine about the state of this country! Just the way the cookie crumbles.

By Elzet

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