Nope, I wasn’t snuggled up in bed, reading my book, listening to the fireplace crackle or drinking tea. But my goodness that sounds good! I was, if you can believe it, doing something far more exciting. It involved sunshine, soul and a whole lotta zoom. Zoom lenses that is.


I was here, oh yes I was, I got to see the most breathtaking sunrise over Durban harbour. I held my breath for a long time and then I fainted.

No. Not really. I’m not that silly.

Just a little bit silly.

It was part of the Worldwide Photowalk. The idea is that all across the world, photographers gather in groups and take photos for two hours. Don’t ask me the relevance of two hours, I have zero clue but I’m sure I’d feel like a better person if I knew why. Then if any of the photographers get some great pics, they can put forward their best photos and compete for the best photo competition.

I don’t know much about photography. In fact I know nothing, zippo, zilcho. Superjerm is trying to teach me but for fear of him going grey prematurely, I limit the number of questions I ask to 50 a day. Often, I ask the same question 50 times: What the hek is Aperture?  It’s complicated.


But what I do know is that I like taking photos of my man taking photos. My cowboy. I love cowboys.


And he likes to take photos of other people taking photos. Like this one. He called this one “Urban Cowboy”.


He called this one “Urban Cowboys” . Note the plural


And this is “Cowgirl”, not suburban or urban or peri-urban cowgirl, just “Cowgirl”.

Have you figured out that we all had to don Cowboy hats?…Yee-Haa? Yee Haa!

And then after taking 1 million photos, Cowboy and Cowgirl rode off into the distance, leaving only a cloud of dust behind them. The End.

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