Nelson Mandela celebrates his 91st birthday on Saturday. A call has gone out to the people of South Africa and all over the world to celebrate his birthday, by spending 67 minutes, giving back to the community. 67 minutes is symbolic of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela has spent making the world a better place. And which is why the 18th of July has officially been named Mandela day.

So my challenge to all you Phuthu Punters out there,  is to acknowledge Madiba’s birthday wish. I have suggested a few ideas that could get the ball rolling-

  • Pick up the litter on your street and neighboring streets for 67 minutes.
  • Try tidying your cupboard for 67 minutes and when you can, donate all your old clothes to charity
  • Turn off all your electricity for 67 minutes
  • Buy a pocket of oranges or make some sandwiches, take them to the beach front or any public place and hand them out to the homeless or disadvantaged.
  • Clean graffiti for 67 minutes

Remember guys, it’s only 67 minutes, if everybody contributes, just imagine how much positive energy there would be circulating the globe. Make your imprint and make a difference-

For more ideas and the international low-down on Mandela day, go to


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