A wind instrument in the shape of a kudu horn has been launched in South Africa this week, and might just replace the much talked about vuvuzela at soccer stadiums throughout the country during the 2010 World Cup next year.

South African Nationa Parks (SANParks) and First National Bank (FNB) have created this new and very alluring instrument – which apparently sounds like a subdued vuvuzela to some, or more along the lines of a trumpeting elephant to others.

Chief Executive Officer of SANParks, Dr David Mabunda, said that “traditionally, in some African communities, the kudu horn has been used as an instrument to call people together for gatherings at the royal house or for a community imbizo but most importantly as a call to battle. Now the kuduzela will fulfil the same role.”

“Fans will be looking for a product that is unique to South Africa, that you cannot buy in London or New York. We completed the Confederations Cup where there were discussions about the noise of the vuvuzela. Is it in? Is it out? Should it be banned? Today I inform Fifa to please add the kuduzela to that debate,” laughed LOC chief executive Danny Jordaan.

Zakumi, South Africa’s 2010 mascot, is already a fan of the kuduzela. And it’s expected that the kuduzela will be a popular souvenir for foreign soccer fans to take home after the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Unfortunately we can’t provide you with a photograph of it just yet, but if you visit Independent Newspapers’ website you can have a quick peek.

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