• Build a sandcastle or go for a walk on the beach. Driving from Joburg to Durban does not qualify as “cheap”; you need to actually live at the coast for this one!
  • Pack sarmies, drinks and a blanket and go for a picnic
  • Keep an eye out for expo’s or festivals happening in your area
  • Go for a hike in a local nature reserve
  • Visit a museum – it can be interesting!
  • Go for a game drive at a game reserve close to you
  • Take your family on a photography outing. Get dressed up or down, go to a train station or park and get creative in a playful way
  • Go to the botanical gardens for a walk/picnic
  • Take your kids, backpack and sun block and go mountain climbing
  • Visit an animal/crocodile farm or snake park
  • Go for a harbour cruise or just walk around the harbour and have coffee
  • Snorkelling is free and a great outdoor activity
  • Go fishing at a dam close by
  • Invite friends and have a bring-and-braai
  • The most exciting and cheapest way to get in some fresh air is to go camping

Community newspapers usually have a weekend/monthly diary with local activities – plan ahead.

We would like to extend our Phuthu list of cheap things to do (focussed on outdoor activities), please let us know what you get up to over weekends while tightening the
belt at the same time!


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