The Movement for Good is a network of organisations that merged to inspire and call South Africans to become active citizens for good. Their vision is to build South Africa up to be a country that lives its constitutional values, that has opportunity for all and that is safe. All across SA many good people have started up independent organisations that care. Their aim is to combine these organisations so that there is coherency and synergy across the various campaigns.

This movement encourages and prompts each and every one of us to become a good citizen, to get involved so that South Africa can become a country we all want to live in.

What is an active citizen?

An active citizen…

  • Speaks positively about South Africa
  • Upholds our constitution and the laws of the land
  • Takes part in our democracy
  • Does not bribe or buy stolen goods
  • Participates in community projects
  • Is sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate
  • Respects the environment
  • Believes that they can make a difference
  • Lives by the notion – ‘I am because we are’


Join the Movement for Good by

Corporates and NGOs

They are putting together a programme to enable corporates and NGOs to join the Movement for Good.

  • Register as a corporate if you are interested in joining the Movement for Good
  • Register as a NGO if you are interested in joining the Movement for Good

Join this movement and become part of the solution.
It starts with you!

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