Crisis. Superjerm is sick – coughing up yellow globs sick, horrible sick, bad-timing sick, like real bad-timing sick. He’s due to leave for the TransAlp mountain bike race tomorrow afternoon but at  the moment it’s touch and go whether he’ll be able to go. Darn bugs. And despite the fact that my man has been training since April for this event, he is incredibly philosophical. I admire philosophers and deep thinkers but at the moment it’s just a bit too philosophical for me to fully comprehend. He is like: “well if I don’t go, I don’t go, it’s just meant to be.”

And I’m like: “911, I have an emergency, my husband needs to catch a plane tomorrow, send the paramedics and start administering IV antibiotics, STAT.”

So this morning I gave my man some sterling advice:

  1. Only make a decision tomorrow morning
  2. Only make a decision tomorrow morning
  3. Only make a decision tomorrow morning

Get better Superjerm! :)

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