Barack Obama delivered his speech in Ghana last week, where he strongly urged that  Africa can no longer blame colonialism and ‘western oppression’ for all its woes.

These are words that have never dared been uttered by previous American Presidents.

President Obama implied that colonialism has bred senseless violence and conflict throughout Africa in the past, but is not currently responsible for the Economic crisis on Zimbabwe or wars in which young children are expected to fight and give their lives for. He also condemns corrupt Tyrannical African leaders who “enrich themselves” while the people of the country are living in abject fear and poverty. African leaders should take responsibility and be held accountable for the welfare of their own country.

Well said Mr President! It’s about time that somebody of such a high profile and international standing finally says, what we all have been thinking.

Hatred, revenge and blame is not going to repair a country. Its time to move on, to a better existence, a place where everyone can be accepted and supported .

Make no mistake, we must never forget our history, but we can accept it for what it is, learn from it and most of all, forgive and we will overcome.

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