I became a statistic late yesterday afternoon. Snatch-and-run. I was so high on adrenaline that I jumped in my car and chased after the two guys who snatched my handbag (how rude!) but lucky for me an angel in the form of an Indian guy appeared out of nowhere and cornered the one skebanga. Long story short, I got my bag back and all was intact. With all I mean the R3000 cash that was in my handbag. Yes, very irresponsible of me. If I lost my money it would’ve been due to my own stupidity.

At Phuthu we like keeping it real. We are not blind to the problems in South Africa; we just choose to stay positive in spite of it. This doesn’t mean that we approve or accept it. We all know that the crime rate is ridiculously high and we live in hope that our new President will indeed bring about change in this regard. I don’t know what the future holds and I will never commit to saying never but for now I take things like this in my stride. I live for the good moments and I deal with the not-so-good moments if/when they show themselves.

We are all good. Perhaps just a bit more awake and aware.

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