…buy it!

The only thing to be taken really seriously in life is one’s shoes.
- Dion Chang, entrepreneur

And I mean it. Besides the important stuff like life, death and afterlife, shoes are next on the list of Importance. Clothing can be anything from a no-name brand T-shirt from Mr P to a unique creation by Mr X. The same with jeans (apologies to all those Levi lovers). Now shoes… shoes need to be picked with love, care and passion. From comfy slops and practical but classy slip-on’s to dainty and delicate sandals and conspicuously sensual platforms. Yes, I have it real bad.

I have a huge shoe issue. I don’t have enough. And not because I can’t afford shoes. I just can’t find shoes that I like at the price I like with the limited time I have for shopping. I like the real thing. Leather. Nothing fake for me, thanks. I would much rather go barefoot. To find these shoes I need a whole day or two just to browse around for the perfect pair/s. And I just don’t have that luxury right now. So in the meantime, I dream about a pair of red spiky heels. And in my dream, I can actually walk in them without injuring my ankles.

Just look at these babies. Aren’t they beeaaauuutiful?


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